Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beings are not, and never will be objects

Non-human beings are not objects.

They are conscious sentient entities,
just as humans are.

They were not born so that we could pick and choose what their body parts could be used for by us.

They do not have scales so that they can be ripped off and used in our 'medicines'.

They were not born with muscles for the mere reason that humans could eat.

 No, they were born with skin, just as we were born with skin.  To protect their organs and allow them to safely interact with their surroundings.

They were born with muscles, just as we were born with muscles--to move freely, experience life through movement-- allowing them to run, walk, fly, swim, find food, find water and play.

They were born with pumping hearts, as we were-- to keep the vital force of energy pumping through their bodies and to feel their surroundings through more than just by touch, sight, smell and sound; but through love, fear, joy, sadness and ecstasy.  We are one.  Not separate.  We are among them, beings among beings. They feel fully, they seek life, they love fully, they connect to nature fully.  Just as we do or attempt to do.

To eat a chicken is no different than to eat a human.  To drink cows milk is no different than to impregnate a woman, take her child and demand that milk from that woman is yours.  Choosing to drink cows milk, is objectifying a living being.  A conscious human would never do that to a human, so why do we believe we have that right over animals?  We would never kidnap people with certain pigments or genes to freeze them, chop off their body parts and use them in medicine... why do we do it to non-human animals?  We would never cage humans, mutilate them with strange devices, inject them with cancers and other terrible diseases or toxic products to see how their vital organs react or how quickly they die, why do we do it to non-human animals?  I know we do a lot of terrible things to humans... but if humans were to be treated like animals ... literally... factory farmed legally, and eaten by the billionth every week --- oh wait.. that would never happen.. because the bulk of humanity could never fathom to treat a human like an animal -- of course there are people who do treat humans as we treat animals today, and in no way do I support any human or animal being treated in a way that is harmful to them.

But when people claim that we do treat humans as we do animals (mostly used as a figure of speech) this is not the norm, and it's quite outside of popular opinion.  The majority of people are on the same page, as to what is considered good or bad way to treat a human.  (to make some broad generalizations) For example, It's generally considered good to treat other people with dignity and respect-- perhaps with the exception of people who have committed injustices (or have been believed to have).

There are some human rights issues, where there is no majority of people who have decided whether certain actions committed against other people are good or bad.  For example these include issues of prejudice, difference in opportunities among different people, slander.  On one hand, people want to maintain their freedom of free speech and control over qualities they see as harmful, on the other hand, those same qualities may be someone else's identity and perhaps reason for being alive. And for those people-- that may be a serious humans rights issue that others don't believe in who they are as a person and restrict them from certain aspects of culture because of it (for example gay marriage).

These types of intangible issues can take years, and lifetimes to reach a majority of people who believe certain actions are good or bad.  And in no way am I downplaying the seriousness of these kinds of issues, but notice how much harder these actions are in identifying the 'bad guy', as no direct violation to a physical body has been made, such as rape, murder, kidnap, or cannibalism.  Rape, murder, kidnap and cannibalism obviously bad across the board in public opinion, and any leader who disagrees with their 'badness' wouldn't be in office very long, if not arrested if any of these acts committed! Well, with one possible exception, war -- but again, this relates back to people believing that a wrongdoing had been done -- and popular opinion is all for revenge, and punishment for the most part.

There are many people passionately working on human rights issues, and mostly, these passions are met with amazing public support.

 In fact,  I challenge you to find someone, in a leadership position who believes that eating humans and using their body parts for furniture, decorations and jewelry is necessary and beneficial.  I challenge you to find someone in a leadership position who believes that eating non human beings and using their body parts for furniture, decorations and jewelry is necessary and beneficial.  Do you see the difference in the challenge.  Public opinion may justify not allotting animals rights, or paying attention to the injustices we commit to animals because we have not YET perfected our treatment of HUMAN beings publicly or privately.  The problem in waiting for a perfect world before allotting all beings decency and morality, is that, that day may never come.  However, we ALL have the opportunity to modify our behaviors to help non human animals who are completely objectified and have been for generations.  Who have been completely denied any and all rights to a full and sovereign life.

Now the majority of people do not believe that rape, murder, torture or mutilation are good things, and in fact believe them to be punishable by law.  Then why do the majority of people support industries, that rape, murder, torture and mutilate on a regular basis? The difference is, non human beings, are somehow viewed as objects.  Not intelligent, feeling, creatures, who have the same capacity if not more of a capacity to love and feel than humans.

And it's done, every single day, every single minute, every single choice, by the majority of human beings on planet earth, in the name of 'ignorance', 'god', 'tradition','custom', 'culture', 'protein', 'strength', 'health', 'comfort', 'greed', 'money', 'control', 'power', 'love', 'fun', 'taste' and perhaps most of all 'fear of change' and 'fear of what others might think or say'... and it's not okay.  If you encountered a whole society who devoured human beings and claimed that it was tradition, and there was no other way to get 'protein', plus they didn't think they could live without the taste, how would those responses make you feel?

 I encounter many people who find vegans or plant eaters extreme, defensive, rude, out of sorts -- well the moment that you understand how deeply animals feel, and the moment you connect with a cat, a dog, a monkey, a cow, a pig, a spider, as an equal.  That actually you have no memory of before you were in the body that you were.. and actually.. what difference does it make that only the body is different from that pig, from that dog, from that child.  You would probably be defensive too. I mean, maybe it is hard to imagine, but if you came across a society of people who loved to eat children and people were ridiculing you for not eating children -- it would be odd for there to be no emotional response.  Correct?  Most plant based eaters tend to go through phases, of acceptance of mainstream society, which supports the brutal treatment of our fellow earth companions, and complete distaste for it.  And that's okay because, I think all humans have experienced those feelings at one point or another in their lifetimes -- numbness to what hurts, and motivation to do something about it.  We tend to villianize those who seem passionate about things we don't understand.  But actually their passion didn't sprout from empty clouds -- but real real pain that they feel in their hearts.  And it has nothing to do with you.  It's grief and sadness that is pouring from them in desperation.  As I am certainly not immune from.  Watch a factory farm video, and I dare you to pretend that all the beings you see being abused are humans.  How do you feel?  It's gut wrenching. And it's okay to feel.  It needs to be felt.

 Humans = animals = beings = sentient = equal participants of planet earth worthy of dignity, respect and love.

If we truly are the 'higher' beings of planet Earth, we would wholeheartedly accept non human animals as our brothers and our sisters.  We would whole heartedly love the gifts they bring as they do when they are alive, happy and undisturbed by us.

Some people may say this goes against nature itself, because nature is destructive, brutal and competitive, and wild animals eat each other all of the time.

The difference between wild animals our humans, is that wild animals hunt other animals under fair terms.  Wild animals only have a catch rate of about 30%.  They typically will eat the entire animal, raw and even rotted.  Wild animals prey on the sick and the weak -- actually supporting the populations they take from.  They do not imprison their prey, genetically engineer their prey to better suit their needs, they do not kill their prey for one or two body parts they find 'useful', they do not rape their prey, they do not kidnap children of their prey so they can nurse their prey, they do not kill their prey with anything other than their own mouths and claws -- completely intertwined with the death and life of that animal.

Human beings have a catch rate of about 100%, not only that but any predator that dares take a non human animal that supposedly 'belongs' to (enslaved by) humans, will be rounded up and destroyed.  As well as their habitat.  There is absolutely no compassion in human blood consumption habits today.  Human beings are animals, however they are so disconnected from ecosystems, that the only way to restore integrity in the human heart is to eliminate animal products all together.

In addition to the fact that human beings don't even need animal products to be healthy.  It would be equivalent to a cow or an elephant -- who made the same statement -- but nature is violent-- therefore we need to be violent and only begin eating meat.  They are herbivores -- they don't have the evolutionary wiring to skillfully and sustainably live off of meat -- not for the environment, and certainly not inside of their gut.  Cows are often fed fish products and left over cow and chicken products.  These foods for a cow -- can keep the cow alive-- however they aren't healthy for the cow, the will have a weaker immune system, may get mad cow disease, and have much higher rates of ecoli and other harmful bacteria and viruses in it's gut.  It will probably experience a shortened life span and multiple heath issues.

This is the same with humans, humans are actually herbivores, despite what the media has told us, and despite what generations before us, have survived off of.  In fact animal products are to blame for heart disease,  high cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and much of the cancers and obesity rates.  Don't believe me, try a raw plant based diet for yourself, or suggest it to a loved one with health dilemmas.  The transformation that follows these changes, do record, because they can be shocking, even for those who are very familiar with the health benefits of plant foods.

I pray to see the world, where all beings, recognize the unmistakable beautiful divine in all beings and non-beings, no exception, completely worthy of honor, acceptance and protection to be.